Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Canon MX 700 Email the Document features

 Canon Mx700 & Email the Document to Someone

The Canon Pixma MX700 is a powerful multifunction printer for the home or small business. Its features include printing, scanning, copying and faxing. With a machine this complex, it can be difficult to perform basic tasks, like emailing a scanned image

Install the Canon utilities by inserting the Setup CD-ROM into your computer and running the program called "Msetup4.exe." If you see any security warnings, allow the program to begin. Click "Easy Install" to use the default installation settings.

Place your document in the automatic feeder or on the glass. Note that if your document is not of letter, legal, or A4 size, the document feeder will not be able to handle it properly. In these cases, it is necessary to place the document on the glass.

Press the "Scan" button to open the scan menu. Use the up and down keys to select the computer to which you wish to send the scanned image, as well as the type of document you want to create. The "OK" button will save your selections. Finally, press the "Color" or "Black" button to begin the scan.

Save the image that appears on the computer you selected at the printer. Attach this image to an email message using your email client. Send the email, and your recipient will receive the scanned document.

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