Tuesday, 20 May 2014

How to Set Up Canon MX700 Wireless Printer

·         How to Set Up CanonMX700 Wireless Printing

The Canon MX700 multi-function printer does not have wireless printing capabilities built in, but you can connect the printer to a wireless print server to achieve the same results. When setting up the wireless print server, you need to install both the printer and printer server driver on your computer, as well as configure the print server for the wireless network you intend to use

Insert the installation disc for the MX700 into the computer's disc drive. A installation program will run.
Click on "Easy Install."
Click "Install." On the next screen, click "Yes" to agree to the license agreement.
Click on "Use the printer via USB," then click "Next."
· Connect the USB cable to the computer and the MX700.
·   Click "Next" twice. Click on "Agree" or "Do not agree" on whether you want to participate in the PIXMA extended survey program, then click "Exit."
Remove the installation disc for the MX700, then insert the installation disc for the wireless print server in the disc drive. An installation program will run.
Click on the button to start the installation. It may say "Next" or "Install Now."
Connect a USB cable to the print server and the printer. Click "Next" if required by the installation program.
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